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SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP SERVICES:  9:00 AM – 10:00 AM | 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM


SUNDAY SCHOOL is offered for Children ages 3 and up 12th Grade. Sunday School takes place during the Sunday Fellowship Hour from 10 – 11 AM.

MEMORIAL STONES – Throughout our series in Joshua, we are asking the entire church to help us build a Memorial of God’s Faithfulness on our property. In order to participate, simply take one of the stones from the pile on the right side of the stage and write a word or phrase on it that reminds you of a time God was faithful to you. Feel free to decorate your stone as much or as little as you would like. When you are finished, return your stone to the base of the pile on the stage and we will add it to our memorial. Thank you for your involvement in this churchwide project! Soli Deo Gloria!


VISITORS – CPC welcomes you to our Church! Please be sure to fill out the Connection Card located on our Worship Guide and turn it in to the Offering Box when you visit us if you would like to know more about CPC or if you would like to be contacted! Thank you!

NEW FACES – We want to be sure to keep you included in upcoming events, news, opportunities, announcements and prayer requests. If you would like to keep up-to-date with the pulse of the Church, please reach out to the Church Office to be added to our Email Contact List.

Every Friday, we email a copy of the latest Announcements, the Worship Guide, and the Weekly Prayer List. You are also invited to share with us your days of celebration for Anniversaries and Birthdays. Don’t forget to download our Church App, and check out the Digital Library for FREE!


CPC CHURCH MOBILE APP – Our FREE CHURCH APP is available to download on your mobile phone if you would like useful tools for church members and friends to access giving, events, sermons, calendar, and more.

Please click here.


ON LOCAL TELEVISION – CPC’s Sermons are featured on Channel 21 on Cable TV with 3 showings each weekend: Saturday at 5 PM, with Sunday viewings at 1 AM and 9 AM. (Cable TV is offered by Comcast/Xfinity.)

LORD’S SUPPER is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month.

09 10: SIMPLY GIVE for COMMUNITY FOOD PANTRY – Serving Richmond and surrounding areas, the Community Food Pantry is located at: 306 N 19th St., Richmond. Open: Wed. & Thurs. from 1-3 PM. They rely on donations and grants. In July the income was $838.75, though they spent $10,606.60 in food purchases. To assist our community, Meijer offers their Simply Give program. On Saturday, September 10 ONLY, Meijer will double match all Simply Give donations. These special donation cards will be available at the Visitors Center in the Church Foyer and in the Church Office. The cards are re-usable. To donate any dollar amount, scan the special bar code at a register. Please reach out to Debbie Gentry for assistance and help fight hunger in our community.

09 11: SMALL GROUPS – Beginning on September 11, Small Groups will be studying Stephen Foster’s series from his book “How To Face Life’s Challenges,” which is available on RightNow Media. (RightNow Media is a Digital Library that is available FREE of charge to our members and attendees through our CPC subscription!) If you would like to sign up for a Small Group, or would like to have more information, please reach out to David Young, Assistant Pastor! To sign up for an account at RightNow Media, please check here.

09 16: 2022 CPC PICTORIAL DIRECTORY, SEPTEMBER Update: Please be sure to submit updated information for your contact (email, phone, address, etc.) and/or a pic to be included in the upcoming September update for our 2022 Pictorial Directory. Or, if you would like to be included, please reach out to the Church Office! Thank you!

09 16 from 6-9 PM (RSVP Request by 09 06 before 4 PM): WOMEN’S REFRESH RETREAT – Hello Ladies! The Women’s Ministry Team is SO excited to invite you to a night of refreshment and beauty! On Friday, September 16, from 6-9 PM we are having a mini retreat, including a meal and special activities to ignite our passion for our Father! You will literally walk away with something beautiful! We are serving a meal, so please RSVP by September 6 (Tuesday)! Included with your RSVP, we need to know what you would like in your Dinner Box from Radford’s Summer Catering Menu. For location information, please reach out to the Church Office! Thank you!

10 19 at 6 PM: SESSION MEETING – The next Session Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 19, at 6 PM.

10 21 at 10 AM: BIBLEPROJECT for CPC WOMEN – Ladies of the Church, The BibleProject is offering a wonderful opportunity to go more in-depth studying the Bible – it’s called Classroom. The first series of Classroom is an introduction to the Hebrew Bible. It is a 15 hour course with 5 units of video teachings, notes, and exercises. All of this is offered FREE of charge on the BibleProject website. We would like to extend an opportunity to make Classroom an actual “class” time to gather and study together. This is open to any woman wanting to go deeper in her understanding of the Bible. We are planning to meet every other Friday morning at 10 AM, starting October 21. Please pray about making this commitment to join and learn and grow. Reach out to Val Moore, Lori Fowler, or Emily Fredrick if you want to join or you have questions. You can check it out here. – Lori Fowler

PRAYER TEAM – With all the growing prayer needs of the people here at CPC, we are organizing a Prayer Team. All requests that we receive will be forwarded to the people in this group and lifted up to the Father in prayer. If you would like to be a member of the Prayer Team, please send the Church Office an email or call us (765.966.4017).

CHURCH EMAILS (MAILCHIMP) – We have switched our Friday and Church-wide Emails to MailChimp. Please be sure to check your Spam folder if you do not see your emails and are on our Email List. If you still do not see your email(s), please reach out to the Church Office to make sure that you are on our list and we will add you if necessary. Be sure to save our contact information in your email contact list to help avoid future emails from going to your Spam Folder once you find your missing email(s). And if you are not on our Email List and would like to receive our communications, please let us know! Thank you!

CPC COMMUNICATION – Along with email communication to the congregation, we are also using the Church App to alert members and friends for emergencies, cancellations, and special events. If we do not have your current contact information in our Church Directory, would you please email your information to the Church Office and we will add it to the contact list. Also, don’t forget to sign up for the Church App and activate your notifications. Thank you! Please reach out to the Church Office if you have any questions.

CPC Calendar:

If you would like to check our CPC Calendar to keep up with our Events – please click here.


CPC PRAYER GUIDES – Weekly Prayer Guides for CPC family and friends are available for you through email and at the Welcome Center. If you would like a copy emailed to you, please reach out to the Church Office. Thank you!

MONTHLY PRAYER SERVICES – Every first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM in the Church Foyer, we will be gathering for a Prayer Service.


SMALL GROUPS for both men and women meet twice a month. If you would like to participate in a Small Group, please reach out to David Young, Assistant Pastor (Email), for more information or take a look at our Small Groups here.

WISEMEN’S LUNCHEON (Retired Men) occurs every first Tuesday of the month. Please reach out to the Church Office for more information regarding location. Or check your Worship Guides on Sundays.

LADIES OF THE CHURCH – Attention all Ladies of the Church!! If you are NOT in a Ladies’ Prayer Group, this message is for YOU! We have six (6) prayer groups that meet once or twice a month. For contact information, please reach out to the Church Office.

SCRIPTURE READING – Calling on Ladies of all ages who are comfortable and willing to read the Scripture text before the Sermon during Worship. If you would like to be added to the Scripture Reading Schedule, please reach out to Kathy Roszell or the Church Office.

MEN’S DISCIPLESHIP RELATIONSHIPS – Please reach out to the Church Office for more information.

WOMEN’S DISCIPLESHIP RELATIONSHIPS – Please reach out to the Church Office for more information.


NURSERY is available for children ages 3 months – 3 years old.

NURSERY VOLUNTEERS REQUESTED – We are in need for Nursery Volunteers to sign up! Please reach out to Nursery Coordinator Pat James or to the Church Office if you are led to serve in this ministry. Thank you!

CHILDREN’S SUNDAY SCHOOL is offered for children, ages 3 and up. Sunday School is offered during Fellowship from 10 – 11 AM.

For more information on our Nursery & Children’s Ministries, please visit this page or reach out to our Director of Youth and Families, David Chambers.


YOUTH GROUP – Please reach out to our Director of Youth and Families, David Chambers for more information regarding scheduled events and announcements. For more information on our Youth Ministry, please visit this page.


2022 CPC PICTORIAL DIRECTORY REPRINT – Our first copy of our full color pictorial directory was released in August 2021. We reprint the copy every few months as our Church is growing.

The updated copy for June has been released. If you would like to be added to the Contact List to receive the updated PDF, please let us know!

Thank you!



GLOBAL MERCY MINISTRY OFFERING is collected every fifth Sunday of the respective month (only months that have five (5) Sundays). This money will go to the Mission’s Committee to be used in assisting overseas missionaries. For more information about our Missionaries, please visit this page.


DEACONS’ FUND OFFERING is collected every second Sunday of each month for the Mercy Ministries of the Church Fund during Worship. For more information about the local Ministries we support, please visit this Page.


CPC GIVING through easyTithe is available through a few different options.

To access Giving through easyTithe using the Texting Option, text GIVE to 765-417-4017 for the shortcut through your phone.

Another way to access easyTithe Giving is through the QR code below. Hover your phone over it to open up to the page!

CPC GIVING through easyTithe through our free Church App (only for smart phones), please sign up for an account and finally, access easyTithe online through our Website page.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Circle U – CPC Youth volunteer on scheduled appointments at Circle U. For more information, please reach out to the Director of Youth and Families, David Chambers.

For more information about Circle U, please check them out here.

COMMUNITY FOOD PANTRY – Thanks to those who have offered to volunteer. There is now a waiting list for those volunteers to have an opportunity to serve! Thank you! For more information about the Community Food Pantry, please check them out here.

ROCK SOLID MINISTRIES – For more information about Rock Solid Ministries, please check them out here.

MEAL TRAIN – We have an opportunity to serve one another by bringing a meal during times of crisis (death in the family, illness, or surgery), times of great joy (birth or adoption of a child), as well as for events – such as church pitch-in meals.

This ministry tool is a great way to get the information out to all who may be able to help in times of need for meals, as it sends notifications through email to recipients on the list. Signing up does not mean you have to prepare a meal every time; there is no obligation.

By signing up, you will be able to view the needs and select the meal you wish to provide, as you will have access to the times and dates meals are needed. Being included on the list gives you opportunities to sign up to help where and when you are able. We appreciate the volunteers who have been participating already!

THANK YOU! If you have questions, you may check out the Meal Trian website to see how it works at If you would like to add your name and email to the contact list for the Meal Train, or for any further questions, please contact the Church Office. All Meal Train requests are to be submitted to Melissa Owens. Thank you!


An invitation to “access Biblically-based videos on topics like marriage, parenting, youth, recovery, leadership, finances and much more.”

RightNow Media

RightNow Media, a rich digital video library for adults and children/youth of all ages, is available for free through our Church. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Church Office. We use this resource for our Small Groups.

QR Code: Hover your phone’s camera over the code to open a mobile browser for the registration page.

Text Code: Text the code RIGHTNOW CPCIN to the number 41411. You will receive a welcome text and a link to invite you to register.

By link directly, please click here.