CPC Art Gallery

We deeply value worship at CPC and are always looking for opportunities to express praise and thanksgiving to the Lord. We also believe that we are made in the image of God our Creator, who has instilled in His children creative hearts that seek to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. One of the ways we accomplish that is through offering collective expressions of art as a church body. Periodically, we will ask the congregation to contribute their creative offering to these projects. It is truly beautiful and God-glorifying to see what the Holy Spirit inspires and orchestrates in this body made up of many different parts! Feel free to browse our gallery below. 

Artwork by CPC Congregation for REJoice REGardless Series from the Book of Philippians

REjoicing REgardless Series

CHURCHWIDE ART PROJECT – Our CPC Congregation helped us to create a work of art as we worshipped through art. We asked everyone to contribute by answering this question:  What does “Rejoicing Regardless” look like for you? The creative parameters were as follows: Over the next two months, as God impacts you during this series, please decorate one blank half-sheet of cardstock to contribute to this project. It can be an image, word, song lyric, illustration, or anything that profoundly strikes you. When you have finished, place it in the basket in the front of the Sanctuary as your offering of art back to the Lord. Together we will create something beautiful to the glory of God. The artwork was then put up for display in the Church Foyer every week during the series. In the image above, we are able to see the artistic results of this project.

If you would like to listen to the sermons for REjoicing REgardless and create your own artwork in response to the series for your own artistic experience, check out the sermons available in our Current Sermons Series page beginning with the first sermon on the Book of Philippians.

The Journey – An Advent Series

ADVENT – Throughout the 2021 Advent season, several painters from our Church Family created artistic offerings to visually enhance our Advent Sermon Series:  The Journey. Each Sunday a different painting that represents the theme of the week was presented: Garden, Bondage, Wilderness, and Exile. The final Sermon speaks on the birth of our Savior.