Men’s & Women’s Ministries

CPC Small Groups for both Men & Women

In order for people to be assimilated into the church and to live a healthy life of a Christian, they need a place to give (ministry), and a place to receive (small groups). We believe excellent ministry occurs in small group settings, where genuine concern and opportunities for sharing, discussion, prayer, and discipleship are shared. Such moments happen through:

  • Studies from a biblical perspective keep the focus of the group on true biblical fellowship.
  • Intercession is important to our small groups. We pray for one another as well as for the church, its ministries, and our community.
  • Fellowship is necessary for unity, vision, and sense of community to be sustained in our church. Small groups are a way for people to establish and build strong relationships.
  • To remain healthy, our small groups focus on being outward-looking by reaching out to people in the church who are not involved, or people outside the church in need of the kind of ministry these groups may provide.

If you are interested in joining a Small Group, please contact the Group Leader for location and time.

Mondays: Michael & Beth Allen

Sundays: Lance & Lori Fowler

Sundays: Aaron Fredrick/Chris Moore

Sundays: Roger Golden/Tom Deckard

Men’s Ministry

MEN’S BREAKFAST STUDY meets on Saturday mornings. For more information, please check the Events page for current schedule and study.

WISEMEN’S LUNCHEON (Retired Men) occurs every first Tuesday of the month. Please reach out to the Church Office for more information regarding location.

Women’s Ministry

Check weekly announcements and church calendar for scheduled studies, gatherings and events.